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There are various jobs in the future, such as medical treatment, services, and jobs that are related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What I want to write about here is judge and programmer, two of the promising jobs in the future.

The first promising job in the future is the judge. The judge originally has been a popular job because it can get a lot of money annually. What the judges do during office hours is to judge the cases. First, the judges hear arguments with a lawyer and do examinations. They hear statements of the lawyer and witnesses. Next, they review the evidence of the case. Finally, they judge the case based on laws. Judges have a high annual income and can punish criminals following the laws. So, they have power in the law court. They are the most authoritative people in the law court. However, they have to memorize a lot of laws, so they can get more stressed than those who do other jobs. Also, they have less rests. In the future, there may not be AI judges, so they cannot be replaced y AI judges. Then, how to be a judge? The ways to be a judge are various, but the most representative way is the law school system or bar examination. The judge requires endurance, accurate judgment, and logical reasoning.

▲ A judge needs logical reasoning.

The second promising job in the future is a programmer. The programmer is getting high esteem because there are a lot of jobs in the programmer, and the world is now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There is an application developer, security expert, application updater, web developer, and many more. The application developer can make applications and make imaginative ideas about the new applications. The security expert can rescue a hacked website and protect the computers or websites not to be hacked. The web developers can make their own websites, and if these become popular, they can receive a lot of money. The programmers require quick adaptation and creative ideas. If their websites or applications are not popular, they cannot get enough money. Also, they have many night overtimes. To add, the world needs global applications or websites, so the programmers have to keep studying various languages. The majors that are related to programming are the department of visual design, the department of applied software engineering, and the department of information and communication.

▲ A Programmer is working.

To conclude, judges and programmers are different in what the nature of their work is, but both are promising jobs in the future. The world is now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so the programmer is expected to receive more attention.

By Hye Ji Seo


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