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Today, when the Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking place, many jobs are disappearing as developing artificial intelligence and robots begin to replace jobs, and at the same time, jobs related to them are emerging. Nevertheless, there are some jobs that most people believe will not disappear or be replaced, such as teacher, judge, counselor, musician, and more. Among them, the teacher is the most irreplaceable.

▲ It is the image of the automobile manufacturing industry, which has been replaced by robots for a long time ago.

Modern society suffers from an unprecedented shortage of jobs. Labor jobs, which were the main jobs in the past, have already been replaced by machines specialized in repetition. However, there is a prospect that jobs that require creativity, morality, and versatility have not yet been replaced and will not be replaced in the future, and one of them is a teacher.

A teacher is someone who teaches something to others. He plans a study scheme, prepares materials

▲ A teacher is teaching students at school.

for each class and teaches students based on them. He estimates students through assignments and examinations. Also, he counsels about school life, relationship with other students, and grade with parents and students. People who have linguistic, interpersonal relationships, leadership abilities are advantageous as a teacher. Among them, contrary to middle and high school teachers, an elementary school teacher has a different process. To be an elementary school teacher, we must enter an education university. If we graduate from it, we should get a second-grade instructor's certificate. After getting this certification, we should take the teacher certification examination. Then, we can teach students in elementary school. Also, people who want to be promoted and to receive more wages must get a first-grade instructor's certificate after three years of training.

Jobs that touch the hearts of the people will not be replaced, and one of them is a teacher. Only people can raise people. It has not changed so far and will never change in the future.

By Ju Yup Je


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