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Jobs today will be changed because of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which represents big data, the robot industry, AI, and many more. Therefore, you have to prepare to have changed jobs. Among them, the Data Scientist is one of the most popular jobs in the future.

Data scientists collect much data and pass it to others effectively. If you want to be a data scientist, you have to major in the fields of data science. Data science is a study that extracts significant information from data. Data scientists work in wide fields. For example, geography information, video and image, and sound are the field they work in. Who majored in programming, and data visualization, and reporting chooses this job much.

The reason why data scientist will be a popular job in the future is the Fourth Industrial Revolution because it represents the big data, it will be a spotlighted job in the future. According to Quora, because the CS industry is developed than in the past, the data scientists are really high. Also, the salary they earn is really high.

There will be the more industries appear in the future, the data to report will increase naturally. Then, the demand for them will increase and be a popular job. According to the Business School, because data science has many uses, companies are increasingly creating dedicated roles for data scientists. Actually, the demand for data scientists the companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook are increasing annually.

▲ Data scientist demand is increasing annually.

Because of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Data science will be one of the most spotlighted jobs in the future. Thus, data scientists are becoming a job that people want to be the most. I want to recommend this job who is good at programming and want to have a future job.


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