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Following the increasing trend of COVID-19, the metropolitan area of South Korea is going with social distancing Level 2, and other areas are going with social distancing Level 1.5. Although most people are following the rules of this system well, COVID-19 cases are not decreasing. There are 500 to 600 or more cases a day, and experts are warning that there can be more than 1000 cases. On the afternoon of December 6th, according to this fact, the Prime Minister will announce a social distancing reinforcement plan.

▲ Increasing COVID-19 cases

In this third prevalence of COVID-19, mass infection occurs large and small. '2+a' system, which bans high-risk facilities' business is in operation; however, there is no big chance. Also in Seoul, the 'shut down' system is put into operation. After 9 pm, general management facilities such as the market, department store, cinema, study cafe, and amusement park should be closed, and there is a 30 percent reduction in public transportation. However, the cases are increasing continuously so people are predicting the elevation to Level 2.5 in the capital area.

▲ Department store, one of the general management facilities

The social distancing Level 2.5 is announced when the nationwide prevalence of COVID-19 is in process. With this level, people should stay at home if possible. The cafe can only be packaged regardless of business hours, and the restaurant is open normally, but only packaging and delivery are allowed after 9 p.m. The meeting or event with more than fifty people is banned. Also, there should be less than one-third of students in school.

▲ Restaurant regulated by new policy

Many changes may be unfamiliar during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the government always emphasizes not to break the rules. This is the most important moment to live the usual life.

December 20th, 2020

by An So-mi


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