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These days, COVID-19 is a very serious problem in the world. Each country has confusion in the medical system because of COVID-19. Therefore, telemedicine is suggested not only as a solution to COVID-19 confusion but also as a new way of non-contact medical treatment.

Telemedicine is a medical treatment that is performed online. Since it is a combination of the medical industry and Information and Communication Technology(ICT), telemedicine is emerging as a new industry these days. In South Korea, it was introduced for the first time in 2006, but it has no impact on the medical industry. In 2020, on the other hand, it gets more interest since we suffer from a strong epidemic called COVID-19.

▲ This picture shows telemedicine in action.

By telemedicine, we can save our time and money as we do not need to visit a hospital. Particularly, people who have chronic diseases that need a regular examination can have their examination by the use of telemedicine more effectively. Also, we can use telemedicine effectively in the state of having infectious diseases, like COVID-19. In the state of having an infectious disease, normal patients have potential dangers of infection when they visit a hospital. Therefore, telemedicine can be the solution to resolve and reduce the confusion of the medical system in the state of contagious diseases such as COVID-19.

However, telemedicine has opposition forces, too. Korea Medical Association said that institutionalizing unproven policies of telemedicine is an action that shakes the national health system and threatens the health of the people. Additionally, the introduction of telemedicine can threaten private hospitals since the telemedicine industry is the area of large hospitals. For this reason, recently, medical college students refused to take a state examination for doctors.

▲ This picture shows a demonstration by civic groups against telemedicine.

Because of these conflicts, telemedicine has some phases to exceed and resolve in South Korea. On the other hand, many advanced countries such as the USA and Japan started to adopt telemedicine as the alternative and solution of the medical treatment in COVID-19 state. Therefore, it is important to resolve the remaining conflicts and develop ICT for telemedicine gradually. If we establish a stable foundation of telemedicine and adopt it, it can be an effective way of medical treatment not just in the post-COVID-19 era but for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

November 27th, 2020
By Kwak Jun Seo


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