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Winter is coming, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the world in 2020, is not over. Also, flu season is coming. In South Korea, flu incurs a pandemic almost every year. So, people should get vaccinated for the flu; however, this year, the vaccine has fatal problems. people experienced many side effects including death.

▲ a flu vaccine

First, Incheon's seventeen-year-old boy died 42 hours after getting a shot of the vaccine. After that, the case that, the cast people died after a shot of the vaccine was reported. Flu and COVID-19 have a lot of similar symptoms. If the flu starts to spread, the symptoms can confuse COVID-19 prevention. Also, when you have a disease, your level of immunity will decrease, and you will be exposed to the danger of being infected. Therefore, people should get vaccinated for the flu in this period to prevent twin-pandemic. However, people are avoiding getting vaccinated for the reason that the vaccine has fatal problems.

▲ Statistics on death after vaccination

Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) announced that the vaccine and death have no direct relationship. On October 23rd, KCDC probed twenty-six cases reported until the day before, and eight cases were related to cardiovascular disease and two cases were related to cerebrovascular disease. Seven cases were still in the investigating level, and the other cases were not directly related to the vaccine. With these results, KCDC reported that they would not break the vaccination for the flu.

▲ a nurse is checking a flu vaccine

Experts said that getting a shot is not really fatal. They suggested getting vaccinated for the flu. On the other hand, the cases are increasing continuously, and this situation is unprecedented. People cannot make themselves be one of those who are suffering. Then, what should be done? Is there any alternative plan?

October 24th, 2020

by An So-mi


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