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Recently, FC Seoul, a Korean soccer club became a hot issue. It is because the legendary player, Ki Sung-yueng, and the new head coach, Kim Ho-young, became members of FC Seoul in August 2020. It created an uproar as FC Seoul's current situation is not as good as it used to be. Due to the serious injury of their main striker, FC Seoul's offensive system was a lantern in front of the wind. But now many people are expecting these two legendary stars to act as a windshield and overcome this frustrating situation.

Ki Sung-yueng was the leader of the South Korean national football team. He transferred to Newcastle United FC and became a key player in the team. Kim Ho-young led Kangwon FC in 2013. He is famous for his fast tempo attack strategy. He is regarded as a famous football coach, and in 2020, he became the head coach of FC Seoul.

FC Seoul's current strikers are in bad condition. However, with Midfielder Ki Sung-yueng and Coach Kim Ho-young, who is an offensive football expert, FC Seoul's offense system is expected to improve. The ability of Ki Sung-yueng's accurate pass and circulating ball can take advantage of making progress on the offense. moreover thanks to Ki's vigorous participation in both offense and defense, the striker and Winger will be able to lessen the burden of defense and attack more freely and actively.

▲ 사진출처 : 네이버

As Ki Sung-yueng and Kim Ho-young joined FC Seoul, fan's expectations have risen highly. Kim Gang Ho, who is a fan of FC Seoul, quoted that he is really looking forward to FC Seoul's next game. Also, a soccer expert, Lee Kang Sam, said that it will be possible for FC Seoul to rank in the third place when they are currently in eighth place. As above many fans have high expectations for this particular season. From now on FC Seoul must make a brilliant effort to make some progress and come up with fan's expectations.


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