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A lot of people are reluctant to go outside, as COVID-19 still poses a threat to South Korea. Therefore, they cannot enjoy their life for a long time. Even though it can be risky to visit crowded places, going on a trip to a remote place can be a method to enjoy people's life. There are lots of beautiful places that are unknown in South Korea.

The first place is Yongmasan and Achasan Trail. Achasan is not steep, and it is 300 meters high above sea level. Also, the view in which people can see the Han River and the Lotte World Tower is so amazing. Yonmasan is famous for the Yongma Waterfall Park. In addition, near this place, there is a children's grand park. The Achasan trail is linked to Yongmasan trail, so the total course is 157 kilometers long. Walking and hiking there can boost people's immune system and help them breathe fresh air.

▲ The view of Yongmasan and Achasan is so impressing.

The next spot is Homi Coastal Trail. This place is the first place in South Korea to welcome the sunrise. Therefore, a lot of people visit there on New Year's Day. It is near the National Lighthouse Museum, too. The most important thing is that this place allows trekkers to observe the beautiful scenery of the coastlines.

▲ Lots of people visit here to see the sunrise.

Yudalsan Dullegil is the last place. This place is said to be one of the most beautiful mountains in South Korea. There are lots of sightseeing spots of Mokpo, including Fisherman Park and Sculpture Park. So, people can have a lot of fun there.

▲ Yudalsan make people`s eyes happy.

Trekking in a remote place can increase people's immune system and get out of COVID-19. However, they should always keep the rules by wearing a mask and washing their hands. As all of the people make efforts, we can keep away from COVID-19.

June 27th, 2020
By Yu Dong-hoon


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