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▲ ˝Prevent School violence˝ campaign activity

Have you ever showed interest in school violence? Teachers believe this is the most serious problem in all schools, and they started the project named "Prevent School Violence." Literally, this project's purpose is to prevent and avoid school violence. The teachers intend students to have an interest in preventing and avoiding this problem.

A group of students can make a video about school violence. It may also be in a way of either a poster or discuss the club. The project intends students to notice the seriousness of school violence and make them prevent and avoid this problem. Through this project, many students can show interest in the prevention of school violence.

Literally, students can make a group and conduct the project. They can make a plan from the basics like assigning a role in each member of their group or preparing tools that are right to each student's role. They can make different kinds of presentation materials, such as posters, videos, discuss clubs, and play.

▲ The ˝Prevent School Violence˝ Poster

Through the "Prevent School Violence" project, many students can have more abilities to avoid and prevent school violence. many teachers studied school violence. After several years of studying, they decide to make this project for the students, and many schools accomplished this project. According to other articles, the number of school violence events is decreasing by the aid of this project.

"Prevent School Violence" school project changes students' minds. It gives much help to the students to prevent and avoid school violence because they personally conduct the project. It would be better for other students to take this project to prevent and avoid school violence. Teachers hope that many can participate in this project!

By Kim Yuchae


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