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On November 18, 2019, the game company Valve declared that Half-Life: ALYX would launch on March 23. Half-Life is a game in which humans fight with aliens to protect the earth. The main character, Alyx, goes on a journey to fight aliens and find out who made them. Her dad, Eli, knows important information, but he is imprisoned. She goes on a journey to get him out of prison. Half-Life: ALYX is the first sequel to Half-Life 2 in 13 years. It takes place five years before Half-Life 2; but in reality, 13 years have passed. On December 20, 2019, the first gameplay video of Half-Life: ALYX was uploaded. Some people were disappointed because it was not an official sequel; however, most people are still looking forward to it.

▲ The main character Alyx is getting into the dangerous apartment.

After its launch on March 23, there were, nevertheless, many good evaluations. Unlike the last series, Half-Life: ALYX is a VR game. Before it launched, people questioned how well Valve could use VR technology; but Valve made it perfectly. This excellent quality and realistic direction surprised many people. In the game, there is a new item: the gravity glove. Players can use this item to access new paths. In the last series, there was a gravity gun, which people may be familiar with. People have also praised the battle scenes. In VR battles, players often feel dizziness due to the VR; but Half-Life: ALYX's battle scenes are cleaner than other VR games, so most people can play it comfortably. That said, players that don't have VR can't play it yet.

Nevertheless, there were still some negative opinions. In some games, players have to gather various items. In Half-Life: ALYX, players use guns to fight against the aliens, but they have to gather their own bullets and medical supplies. Some people said that is more fun because it is more realistic than other games, but others said that it's too hard to do both survival and battle. In the end, most opinions were positive.

Also, many people praised Valve for making the guns hyper-realistic. There are many guns like pistols, shotguns, smgs, etc. People said these guns are just like the real thing. But there is less variety of weapons than in the last series. Instead, players can upgrade their weapons using collected materials.

Finally, there are lots of enemies. There are striders, combination soldiers, zeffs, head craps, and more. Humans, zombies, and other aliens attack players as enemies. Because Half-Life: ALYX is a VR game, the enemy's appearance is very realistic, too. Above all, most opinions have been about head craps.

Head crap are monsters that cling to a player's head. They appeared in Half-Life 1 and 2, so some people didn't care, but some people who hadn't played the last series were very surprised by their appearance. They are very gross. Furthermore, it can jump on players, so there are opposing opinions among its audiences.

Because there are some bad VR games, many people didn't look forward to it. Thus, much to their surprise, it is a high-quality game. People were generally very satisfied. Half-Life: ALYX's VR components are still lacking, but they are almost perfect. Many teenagers who used to play Half-Life1 have grown up now. Half-Life: ALYX is a game that reminds them of their old memories from Half-Life 1. It is nostalgic for them. Many fans of Half-Life are looking forward to Valve making more fun and fresh games, and they are also looking forward to another sequel.

▲ There is a secret in the city that aliens are living.


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