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"Maruta", which is a slang word that Japanese soldiers used, is a group of people who were prisoners. They were used in a medical experiment implemented under the Japanese Empire from 1936 to 1945. They were experimented and then killed without mercy by Unit 731. Also, according to an official paper in the record center of Kirin, China, the innocent people who were killed by maruta experiment are estimated at about 200 thousand from different countries.

▲ A person who was experimented by two Japanese doctors belonging Unit 731.

Actually, maruta experiments were not meant to kill people at first. Their main goal was to predict infectious disease and to supply clean water. Namely, they had to research preventive medicine and the logistics of water. However, after Shiro Ishii commanded to a commanding officer, they lost their primary aim and undertook to develop biological weapons by conducting inhumane human experiments. There were special privacy rules for them to cover the information that they were doing the immoral work. If one of the maruta aroused criticism or made a break for it, they have to kill him at least in 24 hours. For this reason, when prisoners evoked the riot, they slaughtered them all. Also, they could not release prisoners under any circumstances. The prisoners who progressed the experiment were unconditionally incinerated whether they lived or not. Shiro Ishii did brainwash education to new recruits by killing prisoners in cheapjack conditions. This is the way to perceive maruta as an animal, not a human.

▲ A Japanese doctor is saying about the situation at that time.

Nowadays, maruta brutality becomes well known, so thank you to the honest Japanese, anyone can see the medical experiment scenes if we want. Another reason that they are inhumane is that they just do the test to satisfy their curiosity and most of the tests are not related to the scientific sense of duty. They even put people in a centrifuge and spun to make a conclusion that how much water consists of a human body.

Although maruta committed a serious problem and their sin should be punished, most of them actually achieved a rise socially because of the jurisdiction dealing with America. After the Second World War, America became blind with the data, and this is the reason why America avoided a futile conversation about Unit 731 in comparison to the Nanjing Massacre, the Manchurian Incident, and military sexual slavery problem.

October 19th, 2019

by Kim Dae-hwan


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