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 On March 13th, in South Korea, there was an outbreak of the 19th Zika virus infection. This can cause panic like MERSC. So, you have to be careful of your health not to be infected with Zika virus.
     The Zika virus infection process is mainly mosquitoes which have Zika virus. Also, you can be infected in a low percent from receiving a transfusion of infected person's blood. Moreover, if you have sex with someone who is infected, you can be in

fected in a low percent as well.
     There are some main symptoms if you are infected with Zika virus. The first ting is pyrexia, and the second is arthralgia. The third is rash, and the last ting is red eye. However, those symptoms are started withing two to fourteen days after being infected, and those symptoms are slighted. Also, 80 percent of infected people do not have those symptoms, and those symptoms are endured withing two to seven days. If you are pregnant, you can give birth to a baby who is infected with microcephaly. The leading infected countries are Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Central and South America, and hailand in Asia.
     Lastly, there is a prevention act. The cat uses some products which can stop mosquito like mosquito net. Then, you can avoid Zika virus.

April 15th, 김민균


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