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For three days, South Korea's art troupe showed performances at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater. On April 1st, it started with Jeogin, who is a talented solo singer. There were Joe Yong-pil, Baek Ji-young, Red Velvet, and many other singers in the art troupe.

The appearance of Red Velvet as the only K-POP girl band in the art troupe was an issue for many netizens. They wondered about North Korean reactions to Red Velvet. Some people said, "Red Velvet is the perfect singer to perform in Pyonyang because the North likes 'Red'". In addition, some expected Red Velvet to perform their song, 'Red Flavor' in Pyongyang. On the other hand, there was also a lot of criticism. A member of Red Velvet, Joy, didn't go to Pyongyang because of her filming schedule. She was filming the drama, "The Great Seducer", in which she is the main character. She couldn't change the schedule, and many people criticized her not participating.

▲ Red Velvet without Joy, go to Pyongyang

After finishing their performances, every member in the art troupe took a picture with Kim Jong-un. However, in the picture, Irene, the leader of Red Velvet, was standing at Kim Jong-un's side. The reason is not known. It was quoted that Kim Jong Un said about Red Velvet, " We are compatriots, so why don't we know? " Also, he met with the cast after watching the show and said, "South was interested in me coming to see Red Velvet. I decided to reschedule it for the day after tomorrow (on the 3rd)."

▲ A picture of South Korean art troupe, and Kim Jong-un

Every performance finished successfully. According to this show, the South expected the relationship between South and North to get better.


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